Pak Studies Quiz 14

1. In which year USSR offered technical and economic assistance to Pakistan?


2. In whose era right of pre emption was granted to the tenants in the area cultivated by them?


3. Independence Act of 1947 was passed on


4. Independence Act of 1947was passed by


5. India had detained how many Army men of Pakistan after the 1971 war in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions?


6. Indian independence act received the royal assent on


7. Indus civilization developed around


8. Indus valley civilization site Generiwala is located in


9. Indus valley civilization was destroyed by


10. Infant Mortality rate in Pakistanis


11. Iqbal Park with accommodating Minar e Pakistan is in Lahore. Its former name was


12. Is the country who first of all recognised Pakistan in 1947.


13. Islam reached Sub Continent from


14. It acts as obstacle to economic development in Pakistan


15. It is a medium of communication between all the regions of Pakistan


16. It is an important factor in the process of social development awareness and Change in family life.


17. It was a dicisiveincident in the history of terrorism in Pakistan


18. Jam Darag is known to be only


19. Jhelum and Chenab rivers meet at


20. July 2014 estimated figure of population of Pakistan is


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