Pak Studies Quiz 20

1. The city of Pakistan that is laid out in the shape of British flag is


2. The civilization with a_________ was rediscovered in the 1920s after excavations at Mohenjo daro and Harappa.


3. The confluence of the Chenab and Sutlej rivers is situated in


4. The Congress made its first demand on the field of constitutional reform in


5. The constitution of 1956 was abrogated by Ayub Khan on


6. The constitution of 1962 was enforced on


7. The Constitution of Pakistan 1956 contains provisions relating to ____________.


8. The contribution of agri sector in total exports of Pakistan is


9. The Council of All India Muslim League met and passed the resolution in favor of the Partition Plan on


10. The council of ministers of SAARC comprises of


11. The creator of Yusuf Zulekha is


12. The demand of separate electorate was incorporated in


13. The democracy in Pakistan was formally role backed when in 1958 with imposition of


14. The designation of Governor General of Pakistan was changed to President in____________.


15. The Districts of Pakpatten Okarra and Sahiwal are in


16. The duration of reign of Lord Irwin in Sub continent was


17. The duration of reign of Lord Minto II in sub continent was


18. The effect of privatization of industries in Pakistan to private investors was


19. The Faisal Mosque was designed by a Turkish architect named as


20. The Federal Shariat Court consists of


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