Geographic Information System (GIS) – Quiz 1

1. While digitizing a map, poorly geo-referenced raster layer (image, photograph) will cause:


2. Which one of the following scientific instrument measures the curvature of earth surface?


3. Which of the following satellite will provide us weather data?


4. Which of the following projection is NOT conformal?


5. Which of the following is the source of raster data?


6. Which of the following is polygon feature?


7. Which of the following is NOT vector data?


8. Which of the following is NOT described by attributes of a vector feature?


9. Which of the following image will be considered as highest resolution image?


10. Which of the following country is the major trade partner of India?


11. When we add more than one layer to a map, the layer:


12. What is relationship between pixel size of image and storage capacity of computer?


13. What do you understand by pixels?


14. Wakhan corridor separates Pakistan from?


15. There are different groups of projections. Mollweide projection is part of ________________ projection group?


16. The Transverse Mercator Projection has the advantage of maintaining ______________ for small areas?


17. The rate at which photon strikes a surface is known as ___________________?


18. The process of capturing raster data from an aero plane or satellite is called:


19. The latest commercial satellite GEO EYE 1 has a GSD of 0.41m. What does it mean?


20. The GIS application allows creating and modifying the geometry data in layers, a process is called:


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