General Science (Chemistry) – Quiz 4

1. For catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide glycerine may act as:


2. For decomposition of hydrogen peroxide Manganese dioxide promotes :


3. For stable molecular geometry of ethylene each carbon atom should be:


4. For stable molecular geometry each carbon atom of Diamond undergoes :


5. For stable molecular geometry Each carbon atom of methane should be:


6. For the formation of water molecule oxygen atom utilizes:


7. Formation of carbonium ion is the crucial first step of a:


8. Formation of colored complexes by the transition metal mainly relies upon their:


9. Formation of unipositive ion usually takes place by:


10. From left to right in the modern periodic table ionization potential of Pblock elements tend to:


11. Haemoglobin can be characterized as a:


12. Heat absorbed or evolved by a system will be equal to energy change if the system is operating at constant:


13. Hexagonal structure of benzene has:


14. Hydrolysis of ethyl magnesium bromide will generate:


15. Hydronium ion can be best classified as a/an:


16. If absolute temperature of a gas is doubled and pressure is increased four times the volume of gas is:


17. If absolute temperature of a gas is reduced to one half and pressure is doubled the volume of gas is:


18. If uncertainty in the momentum of an electron is infinite uncertainty in its position will be:


19. In a reaction medium Presence of hydrogen ion favors the formation of:


20. In acidic medium oxidation action of potassium permanganate depends upon:


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