Pak Studies Quiz 18

1. Quaid I Azam formulated as minimum Muslim demand for any constitutional settlement as a riposte to the Nehru Report in his famous


2. Quaid i Azam joined Muslim League in __________ until creation of Pakistan.


3. Rate of Economic development will fall if


4. Role of political parties is determined by factors such as constitutionalism electrolisation &


5. Root causes of rise of extremisim in Pakistan are


6. SAARC is which type of organization?


7. SAFTA is the abbreviation of


8. Shah Shams Tabriz was born in 1165 in


9. Sheikh Ayaz is the prominent personality of


10. Sir Sayyad inaugurated the Muhammadan Educational Congress in order to prevent Muslim from joining the Congress in


11. Size of Pakistans 8th plan was in Rupees


12. Sohni Mahiwal was written by


13. Supreme Judicial Council has power to enforce attendance of person under article


14. Sutlej River joins the Chenab River at


15. Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Ismail Shaheed were martyred in


16. Syed Ahmad Shaheed was entered in the Army of


17. TDB is the abbreviation of


18. Term of office of the speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan is usually


19. The 16th amendments is about the expansion of


20. The 1962 constitution of Pakistan was abrogated by


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