General Science (Energy) – Quiz 1

1. In the presence of concentrated sulphuric acid ethanol will preferably undergo:


2. Methyl ketones can be characterized by performing:


3. In the presence of cyanide ions primary alkyl halide prefer to exhibit:


4. In the presence of diffused sunlight halogenations of ethane will proceed through:


5. In the presence of metal oxides aluminum metal acts as a/an:


6. In the presence of methyl amine methyl magnesium bromide will generate:


7. In the presence of zinc dust a vicinal dihalide will preferably undergo:


8. Increasing the amount of ______ in the air increases both the rate of photosynthesis and the growth of the plants.


9. Number of sodium ion which may present in one mole of sodium chloride is:


10. Irreversible reactions are generally:


11. Isotope of Oxygen atom that is expected to have the highest value of percentage relative abundance is:


12. Lead sulphide can be precipitated from its aqueous solution by the addition of:


13. Light is a form of energy carried by light waves anything _______ gives off light energy.


14. Metals are good conductor of ____________ and electricity.


15. Liquids either dissolve in water when they are said to be _____ or they do not mix with water when they are immiscible.


16. Malleability and ductility are characteristic features of:


17. Maximum number of electrons which may be present in an orbital is decided by:


18. Maximum number of isomers possessed by pentane is:


19. Metal carbonate that is expected to show the highest thermal stability on heating is:


20. Metals are good conductor of _____ and electricity.


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