Pak Studies Quiz 15

1. Kabul River is located in the Province


2. Kahu jo Darro is ancient Budhist archaeological site near Mirpurkhas. Its total area is


3. Lahore Metro Bussses were provided as gift by


4. Lahore resolution was presented on 23rd March 1940 by


5. Lak Pass is situated in


6. Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1812 built Hazuri Bagh to celebrate the capture of the famous Koh I Noor Diamond from Shah Shujah of Afghanistan in


7. Manchar Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in


8. MAO Aligarh Collegewas upgraded as Muslim University in


9. Mention one of the most historically interesting villages is Swat?


10. Miar Glacier forms in the north of


11. Most commonly known Punjabi music genre and dance style is known as


12. Name president who wrote the book Foreign Policy of Pakistan?


13. Name the Act under which the constituent Assembly of Pakistan was formed for framing the constitution?


14. Name the area which separates Pakistan from Tajikistan?


15. Name the Constitution in which Pakistan was declared Islamic Republic of Pakistan?


16. Name the longest river of Pakistan


17. Name the only president of Pakistan who wrote the book Foreign Policy of Pakistan


18. Name the pass that is in a strategic position between Pakistan Kashmir and China?


19. Name the pass which is midway between Khyber Pass and Bolan Pass?


20. Name the person who is believed to have crossed the Pamir Mountains on his way to China?


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