General Science (Chemistry) – Quiz 3

1. Crystalline structure that best corelates to isomorphic structure of sodium nitrate is :


2. Cyanohydrins can be synthesized from ketones through:


3. Cyclohexane is can be best exemplified as a/an:


4. Decrease in the Solubility of silver nitrate in its aqueous in the presence of silver chloride may happen due to:


5. Depression in the freezing point of a solution is directly proportional to :


6. Diethyl ether is a metameric form of:


7. Different orientation of an Atomic orbital in space can be well explained by theoretical approach of:


8. During biochemical reactions an enzyme may serve the function of a/an:


9. During thermodynamic calculations Change in the product of pressure and volume can be neglected for :


10. Electric drill converts the electrical energy into kinetic energy sound energy and _____ energy.


11. In basic or neutral medium oxidizing properties of potassium permanganate depends on the formation of :


12. Electric kettle converts electrical energy into _______ energy


13. In graphite each carbon atom is:


14. Electric lamp converts electrical energy into _____ energy and heat energy.


15. In the presence of acidified potassium dichromate methanol will oxidize to give:


16. Experimental evidence for arrangement of subatomic particles can be provided by:


17. First law of thermodynamics specially corelates thermodynamic properties of:


18. Fish can live in water because it dissolves a small amount of _____ gas.


19. In ethylene pibond is formed due to:


20. For an exothermic reaction observed value of enthalpy change is always :


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