LAW / LLB (Civil Law) – Quiz 3

1. Under CPC, a notice must contain:


2. Under CPC, an application for amendment of pleadings is filed under:


3. Under CPC, an inquest report must contain?


4. Under CPC, if a person does not commit an offence, he helps or aids another person, he is guilty of:


5. Under CPC, no suit for recovery of possession may be instituted under Section 6 of the Specific Relief Act?


6. Under CPC, what is the limitation period for a revision application?


7. Under CPC, what limitations/bars are created upon the Jurisdiction of Civil Courts?


8. Under the Contract Limitation if a promise to subscribe for charity. The promise is a:


9. Under the Contract Limitation specific performance may be ordered by the Court when:


10. Under the Contract Limitation when the promisee refuses to accept performance from the promisor who offers to perform, it is:


11. Under the Contract Limitation where consent is caused by fraud or misrepresentation, the contract is:


12. What is the limitation period to file an application for the installment order of money decree?


13. Where the defendant is minor, the court, on being satisfied by the fact of his minority, shall appoint a proper person to be:


14. Which of the following terms is defined as a security for repayment of a loan?


15. Which one of the following is NOT an essential element of a sale under CPC?


16. Which Section of The Contract Act 1872 deal with Contract caused by mistake of one party as to matter of fact?


17. Which Section of the Contract Act, 1872 deal with Agreements by way of wager void?


18. Which Section of the Limitation Act, 1908 deal with acquisition of right to easements?


19. Which section of the Punjab Civil Courts Ordinance, 1962 deals with Temporary vacancy of office of District Judge?


20. Who will pay the expenses of calling the witnesses?


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