Pak Studies Quiz 17

1. Pakistan economy contains to remain expose to vagaries of international developments as well as internal


2. Pakistan Foreign Policy demonstrated sincere commitment to peace andstability in


3. Pakistan geographic position its nuclear stock pile and its domestic extremist groups make Pakistan a geopolical interest for


4. Pakistan had given trade facilities in the neighboring country of


5. Pakistan has been listed as one of the most dangerous country for


6. Pakistan has bought Mirage Fighter Aircrafts from which country?


7. Pakistan has one of the highest proportions of irrigated land and cropped area in the


8. Pakistan is surrounded in the North West by


9. Pakistan movement is synonymous to very spirit of


10. Pakistan Peoples Party was formed in


11. Pakistan produces its Oil requirements


12. Pakistan started its planning experience with


13. Pakistan’s strategic location made it a focal point of the


14. Pasni harbour is situated in


15. Planning Board turned into Planning Commission in


16. PML (N) won how many seats in National Assembly in 1997 elections?


17. PPP launched his campaign under the leadership of Z.A. Bhutto in which part of Pakistan?


18. Promotion of the local Government Institution is described in article _____ of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan.


19. Pushto is the mother tongue of ____ percentage of Pakistani population.


20. Qila Bala Hisaar is a famous fort of


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