Pak Studies Quiz 16

1. Name the son of Jahangir who built his mausoleum 10 years after death


2. Name the structure that is located in Lahore in the Hazuri Bagh lawn between the Badshahi Masjid and the Lahore Fort


3. National Economic Council of Pakistan is establishment under Article ______ of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan.


4. National Horse and Cattle show are held in


5. National Press Trust was established to nationalize print media by


6. National Shipping Corporation of Pakistan was set up in


7. Nawab Sir Salimullah Khan was President of Bengal Muslim League in


8. Nawaz Sharif announced the outline of National Assembly Education Policy in 1998 for the next how many years?


9. NCC was started to enable youth to get military training for one year after passing which examinations?


10. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest detention or exile is


11. On Kashmir issue Turkey has supported Pakistan and called for


12. On seeing the attitude of Congress Sir Syed Ahmad Khan advised the Muslims


13. One of the following is a Pre Harappan Archaeological Site situated near Dera Ismail Khan?


14. One of the following is believed to be modern Sialkot in Pakistan. That is


15. One Unit scheme was dissolved and four provinces of Punjab NWFP Sindh and Baluchistan was reconstituted in the rule of


16. Out of total wheat production in Pakistan Punjab contributes around


17. PAEC is the abbreviation of


18. Pak china economic corridor will connect Pakistan with china and


19. Pakistan and China havecommon boundry of about


20. Pakistan economic policies include growth and development by reduction of


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