Wild Life (Wild Life Ecology) – Quiz 1

1. The sheer extent to which humans have dominated the biosphere (terrestrial freshwater and marine) means that we have no choice but to ____________ conservation efforts with other human activities.


2. The term ____________________ refers to the abnormal functioning of organisms (altered physiology) associated with disease.


3. The term _____________________ is the discipline of detecting describing and classifying new species as well as revising the classification of previously described species.


4. The tropical rain forest exceeds all the other biomes in the ____________ of its animals as well as plants.


5. There are many factors that affect choosing an assessment method. Which one of the following is NOT such a factor?


6. There are several factors to remember when considering carrying capacity in relation to habitat. Which one of the following is one of the factors?


7. What is a group of individuals more genetically similar to each other than to other individuals usually with some degree of spatial isolation called?


8. What is the main structural protein in the extracellular space in the various connective tissues in animals?


9. What is the use of quantitative methods to predict the likely future status of a population or collection of populations of conservation concern.called?


10. What type of analysis is used when you want to predict a continuous dependent variable from a number of independent variables?


11. When carrying out a wildlife survey the most important thing to think about is ____________________.


12. When the goal is to estimate risk to a single species or population instead of evolved life histories that may expose species to some undesirable state then which of the following traditional approach is adopted?


13. Which environmental resistance factor is biotic?


14. Which famous philosopher and scientist is credited with creating the first organism classification system more than 2000 years ago? He classified living things as plant or animal according to their appearance.


15. Which geologist is credited in making the most important of the early attempts to regulate zoological nomenclature?


16. Which of the following is a negative consequence of wildlife trade?


17. Which one of the following countries has banned hunting for sport?


18. Which one of the following species is extinct in Pakistan?


19. Which one of the following uses a geometric mean of ten suitability indices to evaluate water management operations on plant and animal habitats?


20. Which one the following is NOT one of the factors that influence the Biotic potential?


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