General Science (Photosynthesis) – Quiz 1

1. The Highest value of boiling point and the lowest value of vapor pressure is associated with:


2. The highest value of vapor pressure at a given temperature is exerted by:


3. The intermediate species formed when diethyl ether reacts with methyl bromide is:


4. The lowest oxidation state of manganese atom is present in:


5. The mass of glucose required to prepare 1 dm3 of 10% glucose solution is:


6. The mass of sodium carbonate required to prepare 1 dm3 of 20% sodium carbonate solution is:


7. The most abundant type of molecular ions produced in a Mass Spectrophotometer are:


8. The pressure at which water boils at 90 0C should be:


9. The purest form of hydrogen gas can be produced by:


10. The solubility of a solute is the number of grams of that solute which will dissolve in _____ g of water or some other solvents at a particular temperature.


11. The steam that powers a steam turbine is made by burning coal oil or gas or by using a ____ generator.


12. Theoretical approach that intends to determine valency of an element is:


13. Thermal decomposition of acetaldehyde follows a:


14. Thermal decomposition of nitrogen pentaoxide is a special case of :


15. Thermodynamic property of the system that depends upon amount of the substance present in a system is:


16. Thermodynamic property of the system that is independent of the amount of the substance concerned is :


17. Two gases having same molecular masses usually have:


18. Type of spectrum shown by Sun light is:


19. Water plants use the ______ dissolved in water to make their food by photosynthesis.


20. Water can be classified as a covalent hydride of hydrogen like:


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