Geographic Information System (GIS) – Quiz 3

1. GIS performs which of the following functions?


2. GIS is a computer based system for the capture storage retrieval analysis and display of


3. Geospatial data is a term applied to ____________________?


4. Geometric resolution of satellite imagery refers to


5. Electromagnetic energy is absorbed and emitted in discrete units called quanta or Photons. Who discovered this theory?


6. During image interpretation of a water body a darker tone mean


7. Due to error in data of GIS a slide is occurred between two polygones as indicated by arrow. Such errors are known as


8. Data of which of the following feature will be considered raster data?


9. Computer cartography is also known as _____________.


10. Attribute data perform which of the following functions?


11. Attribute data are


12. An image consists of only one band of color is called


13. A method for the transformation of information to a base map has four steps. Identify the correct sequence of these steps?


14. A digitizing table and _______ are used by GIS professional to digitize features from existing maps.


15. A ________ explains all the symbols on map?


16. _____________ use is used to enter and manipulate graphics Data whereas GIS is used to store and analyze spatial data (Henry and Pugh 1997).


17. __________ is defined as pixel size of an image representing size of the surface area being measured on ground.


18. Far infra red region a category of infrared radiation is a ________________ in its nature?


19. _________________________________ is the GIS software that provides the functions and tools needed to store manipulate analyses and display geographic information.


20. ______________ Data is information about a physical object that can be represented by numerical values in a geographic coordinate system.


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