Pak Studies Quiz 19

1. The 1972 nationalization had mainly affected how many families who amassed national wealth during Ayubs era?


2. The 2nd Constituent Assembly of Pakistan passed the First Constitution (1956) on______________.


3. The 2nd Constitution (1962) of Pakistan was abrogated on____________.


4. The acceptance of separate electorate gave strength to which theory which became the basis of Muslim freedom struggle?


5. The advocate of Two Nation theory is


6. the age of shah Abdul Latif (kalhora period) is the most significant in the history of


7. The agricultural productivity due to Green Revolution is


8. The Annual session of Congress 1916 was presided over by


9. The Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan is located in


10. The Awami League secured how many seats is East Pakistan?


11. The best version of Heer Ranjha was written by


12. The Biafo Glacier is ___________ long glacier in the Karakoram Mountains.


13. The biggest industrial unit in public sector is


14. The biggest industry of Pakistan is


15. The biggest industry of Pakistan is


16. The British government planned to announce the Partition Plan in the House of Commons on


17. The British Indian Association founded in


18. The Cairo Declaration onHuman Rights in Islam in Islam was adopted in Cairo Egypt in


19. The Chiltan Hills are located in proximity with


20. The city of Barikot is located in


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