LAW / LLB (Civil Law) – Quiz 2

1. Foreign judgment means:


2. How many Orders of the Code of Civil Procedure-1908 are there?


3. How many procedures are provided in the Specific Relief Act for the recovery of immovable property?


4. How many types of acknowledgement under section 19 of Limitation Act 1908?


5. In civil cases, plaintiff appears on which side of the judge:


6. It conclusively determines the rights of the parties:


7. Kinds of costs are:


8. Modes of service of summons are:


9. Name the word which is used to limit the scope of litigation to a certain property in question?


10. New period of limitation under section 19 of Limitation Act, shall be computed from the:


11. Order 37 Rule 2 of C.P.C. has been made applicable to the:


12. Person disabled on account of insanity or minority can file suit when:


13. Provision for suit in which the period prescribed is shorter than that prescribed by the Limitation Act 1877?


14. Sections 6 to 8 of Limitation Act 1908 recognize the:


15. Summoning and attendance of witnesses come under the order:


16. The court has power to fix interest on costs NOT exceeding:


17. The kinds of Jurisdiction are:


18. The person who represents a minor plaintiff in a suit or proceeding is called:


19. The pleadings shall contain:


20. The propriety of granting an injunction depends on the facts of each particular case and the general principles is:


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