Geographic Information System (GIS) – Quiz 2

1. The geographical information that will view and analyse using computer hardware and software is called:


2. The component of GIS includes computer system, software, ___________ data, data management, analysis and people to operate the GIS.


3. The ability of an imagery system to record many levels of brightness is called:


4. The ____________ of camera controls the length of time that the film is exposed to light.


5. Sometimes the attributes of features are NOT numeric but instead _____ are used. It is a computer term meaning a group of letters, numbers and other writing symbols.


6. Setting colors based on discrete groups of attribute values is called:


7. Scotia sea is located _______________________________?


8. Road network of a city is shown by:


9. Now a day, MOST common tracking devise is:


10. NASA stands for:-


11. Name the indicated water body mark on Map?/Uploads/images/DocNo-983/QuestionNo-8imgNo-5.Jpeg


12. In image interpretation, ________ refers to the arrangement if individual objects into distinctive forms that facilitate their recognition on aerial imagery?


13. In GIS, if you draw contours of different heights on digital map. How you will differentiate their heights?


14. In GIS, feature geometry is described in term of:


15. In data storage of GIS operation, what do you understand by shapefile?


16. In aerial photography a dark rim around the centre of aerial photograph can be seen. It is called __________________?


17. In a GIS Application, buffer zones are always represented as:


18. If we measure a distance of 100 mm on a map with a scale of 1:25000 RF, we calculate real world distance. The answer will be as 100 mm on the map is equivalent to _____ in real world.


19. Identify the instrument below:-/Uploads/images/DocNo-867/QuestionNo-2imgNo-1.Jpeg*


20. High quality __________________ usually include a capability known as image motion compensation or forward motion compensation to acquire high quality image?


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