LAW / LLB (Civil Law) – Quiz 1

1. ________ includes any person from or through whom a plaintiff derives his right to sue.


2. _________ means things attached to the earth or permanently fastened to anything attached to the earth.


3. ________________ may arise flaw in capacity to contract.


4. A decree may be executed by the court:


5. A suit in which the real dispute is among the defendants only is known as:


6. A suit must be instituted in a Court within the local limits of whose jurisdiction?


7. According to section 2(14) of CPC order means the formal expression of any decision of:


8. According to Section 3 of C.P.C., the District Court is subordinate to the:


9. Alternative Dispute Resolution systems may be generally categorized as:


10. An agreement in restraint of marriage of any person other than a minor is a:


11. An application under section 47 of CPC must be made within:


12. As per CPC, what is the ground of review?


13. Cases in which Limitation is interrupted:


14. Civil Courts have inherent powers, to set aside their own:


15. Condo-nation provision of section 5 not applicable to proceedings under:


16. Effect of payment on account of debt or of interest on legacy. In which section of Limitation Act 1908 said so?


17. Essentials of order are:


18. Every Civil Judge is subordinate to:


19. Every civil suit be instituted in:


20. Every promise and every set of promises, forming the consideration for each other, is an:


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