Pak Studies Quiz 13

1. In order to implement the Zia political plan some fundamental changes were proposed in which Constitution?


2. In Pakistan most of trade takes place through


3. In Pakistan the mountains which run south from the Hindukush are called the


4. In Pakistan the share of rice in the total cropped area is around


5. In the constitution of 1973 it was declared that within ____ years Urdu should be imposed as official language of Pakistan


6. In the constitution of 1973 Urduwas declared as National language in article


7. In the election of 1970 Awami Leaque got _____ seats of national assembly.


8. In the election of 1970 Pakistan Peoples Party got ____ seats of national assembly.


9. In the first term of Benazir a confidence motion was moved against the PPP Government in the National Assembly by


10. In the percent day scenario how much GNP is being spent on defence sector in Pakistan?


11. In the third draft constitution 10 seats of the upper house were reserved for NWFP and Tribal Areas. How many seats were for lower house?


12. In total GDP of Pakistan the share of agriculture sector is


13. In which amendment (1973 constitution) of Pakistan additional seats for minorities were fixed?


14. In which Constitution the Prime Minister and President both were declared Muslims?


15. In which fiscal year American economic aid to Pakistan started?


16. In which part of Pakistan the rate of increasing population is fastest?


17. In which part of Punjab lamps are made of camel skin?


18. In which side of subcontinent Pakistan is situated?


19. In which year Ayub Khan supported China Membership of the UN?


20. In which year China gave assistance to develop transport industry in Pakistan?


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