Pak Studies Quiz 12

1. How many seats of Parliament were set up in the first constitution of Pakistan 1956?


2. How many seats of technocrats are in the senate?


3. How many seats reserved for women in the parliament in the first constitution of Pakistan 1956?


4. How many seed testing laboratories are working in different part of Pakistan?


5. How many sugar mills are located in Azad Kashmir?


6. How many sugar mills are there in Pakistan?


7. How many woolen mills are working in Pakistan?


8. How many woolen mills Pakistan got at the time of independence?


9. How much area of Pakistan is covered by forests?


10. How much of the total area is cultivated in Pakistan?


11. How much percent of the Labour force of Pakistan is connected with agriculture sector?


12. In ____________ century the Muslim revivalism in Bengal began.


13. In 1987 a Pakistani women became executive director of UNFDA she was


14. In 1988 elections which political party emerged as the single largest party in the National Assembly with 93 seats?


15. In 1998 causes Punjabi language rank first with


16. In 2008 09 the estimated labour force in Pakistan with greater female labour force grew by


17. In beginning Pakistan joined the defence pacts with


18. In context of Pakistan according to local governmental plan who will occupy the offices of Commissioners in the Divisions and Deputy Commissioners in the Districts?


19. In Indus valley farming settlements began around 4000 BC and there appeared first signs of urbanization in


20. In March 1940 the League held its annual session at


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