Pak Studies Quiz 11

1. Government of Pakistan and China constructed Karakoram Highway in 20 years. It was completed in


2. Gwadar port is constructed in the province of


3. Haji Shariatullah was founder of which of the following movements?


4. Hajj Shariatullah was born in the village of


5. Hanna lake is located in


6. Harappa is a city in Punjab about 35km southwest of


7. Hazrat Mian Mir was great religious reformer he is burried in


8. Hazuria Bagh lies within Badshahi Masjid. It was built by


9. He was the Founder of Jamaat e Islami in Pakistan.


10. He was the Prime Minister when the constitution of 1956 was enforced.


11. Hiran Minar constructed by Emperor Jahangir as a monument to Mansraj one of his pet deer by


12. How many airlines were present in 1949 in Pakistan?


13. How many fertilizer units are operating in Pakistan?


14. How many glass factories Pakistan got at the time of independence?


15. How many human case of avian influence are detected in Pakistan?


16. How many lines Pakistan became the non permanent member of the Security Council of United Nations?


17. How many members were there in the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?


18. How many nuclear power plants are working in Pakistan in 2012?


19. How many reclamation schemes has been completed by the Government in different part of the country?


20. How many Regional Centres are established in SAARC countries?


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