Pak Studies Quiz 10

1. Dasht River is located in


2. Democracy merit system uniform educational system and rule of the lawcan increase the ____ of Pakistan


3. Dera Ismail khan is the district of Kyber Paktunkhaw people of thisdistrict speak


4. Derawar Fort is situated in


5. Different dialects of Sindhi language is Saraki kachi lari and


6. Dudhu Mian declared Jihad against


7. Due to nationalization most of the state owned enterprized showed


8. Who was the first poet of Pushto?


9. During the era of the East India Company the areas of Behar Uresa and Assam were included in


10. Education can be used as tool to empower


11. Emergency may be declared under article __________ of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan.


12. Enforcement of Shariat Bill has been announced on _____________of constitution (1973).


13. Excavations at Harapa Indus Valley civilization began in


14. First constituent assembly of Pakistan consisted of ______ original members.


15. First Constitution (1956) was enforced on_______________.


16. For how many days Muhammad Ali formula was thoroughly considered by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan in October?


17. Foreign policy of Pakistan cannot drawn against basic principles of


18. Formal head of province in Pakistan is


19. Ghulam Ishaq Khan got how many votes in the presidential election of 1988?


20. Globalization is a process of global economic political and


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