Pak Studies Quiz 8

1. A group of people who share real or imagined common history culture language or ethnic origin often possessing or seeking its own government is called as


2. A London Muslim League delegation headed by Syed Amir Ali met John Morley the secretary of state for demands?


3. A main source of Pakistan Movement in the word of historian Vali Nasr is


4. A possible remedy of challenges lies in redressing the grieviences of small provinces including


5. Abdul Fazal and his brother Faizi were born in


6. Abida parveen singer of sindhi descent is held as one of the greatest


7. According to 1962 constitution president of Pakistan was elected by indirect method of election by


8. According to the Constitution of Pakistan 1956 the Head of the State is


9. According to the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 the Head of the Government is


10. According to the LFO 1970; the National Assembly of Pakistan was to frame the constitution within how many days?


11. According to the Partition Plan name the province(s) whose decision was/were left to the provincial assemblies


12. According to world Bank literacy %age of youth female and youth male both ages (15 24) in the year 2013 was


13. Active flood plain is found along all rivers EXCEPT the


14. Active flood plain is popularly known as bet or


15. Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpeo launched his political party in KhyberPakhtoonkhaw


16. After imposing matial law in october 1999 Pervez Musharraf declaredhimself as


17. After Independence the first industrial unit inaugrated by Quaid e Azam was


18. After the Lucknow session of October 1937 170 new branches of the League were established and about 100 000 new members were enrolled in


19. Ajrak is the famous dress of


20. Ali Garh Institute Gazette was published for 32 years in


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