Pak Studies Quiz 7

1. Chiniot is famous for


2. Tehmad and Kameez is the dress of which Province?


3. The British Indian Association was found by


4. ____________ amendement was made in the constitution of Pakistan in 1977 to hold referendum by the President of Pakistan.


5. ____________ city was summer capital of Kushans.


6. Dulhan is a famous poem of Baluchi language the poet is


7. Hayat e jawaid written by Altaf Hussain Hali is on the life of


8. Makran Coastal Highway project is being completed with the assisstanceof


9. Margalla Hills are a part of which mountain range?


10. Pakistan came into existence when first Muslim put his feet on the soil of subcontinent a famous quote said by


11. Saraiki is spoken in


12. There should be a corridor to link East and West Pakistan these remarks Quaid i Azam said in answer to a question while giving interview to


13. Yusuf Zulekhan a Punjabi love story is written by


14. 100% pushto speaking population belongs to


15. 18th amendment abolished article _________________of constitution of 1973 which empowers the president in his sole discretion to dissolve the National Assembly.


16. 1973 constitution adequately guaranteed provincial


17. 5th Amendment in the constitution (1973) was made on____________.


18. 99.4% of the peoples are muslims in


19. A concept of Global village which is bringing the nations closer to eachother it is a popular term of economics politics sociology and media studies


20. A deputation met Lord Minto in 1909 for separate electorate for Muslim headed by


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