Pak Studies Quiz 2

1. A possible remedy of challenges lies in redressing the grieviences of small provinces including


2. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile is


3. 1973 constitution adequately guaranteed provincial


4. Pakistan economy contains to remain expose to vagaries of international developments as well as internal


5. Pakistan has one of the highest proportions of irrigated land and cropped area in the


6. Pakistan economic policies include growth and development by reduction of


7. Foreign policy of Pakistan cannot drawn against basic principles of


8. Pak-china economic corridor will connect Pakistan with china and:


9. On Kashmir issue Turkey has supported Pakistan and called for


10. Pakistan geographic position, its nuclear stock pile and its domestic extremist groups make Pakistan a geopolical interest for


11. In 1987 a Pakistani women became executive director of UNFDA she was


12. The first poetry in the history of Urdu is attributed to


13. the age of shah Abdul Latif (kalhora period)is the most significant in the history of


14. In 1998 causes Punjabi language rank first with


15. 100 percent pushto speaking population belongs to:


16. Baluchi language is closely related to


17. Globalization is a process of global economic political and


18. Education can be used as tool to empower


19. Women development through policy of non-discrimination bring social change in


20. Root causes of rise of extremisim in Pakistan are


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