Pak Studies Quiz 1

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1. Pakistan movement is synonymous to very spirit of:


2. Role of political parties is determined by factors such as constitutionalism electrolisation &


3. A possible remedy of challenges lies in redressing the grieviences of small provinces including


4. Who served as beacon light for the Muslim Nation in distress and disarray


5. All India Muslim league was founded on 30th December1906at the residence of


6. The name Pakistan was created and coined by Ch. Rahmat Ali also author of


7. A main source of Pakistan Movement in the word of historian Vali Nasr is


8. The Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindukush mountain ranges meet at


9. July 2014 estimated figure of population of Pakistan is


10. According to world Bank literacy percentage of youth female and youth male both ages (15-24) in the year 2013 was


11. In 2008-09 the estimated labour force in Pakistan with greater female labour force grew by:


12. In Indus valley farming settlements began around 4000 BC and there appeared first signs of urbanization in:


13. Most commonly known Punjabi music genre and dance style is known as:


14. Abida parveen singer of sindhi descent is held as one of the greatest


15. Indian independence act received the royal assent on


16. Which of the following was included as preamble of the constitutions of:


17. According to 1962 constitution president of Pakistan was elected by indirect method of election by:


18. Constitution of Pakistan 1973 is a written constitution. It comprises of:


19. The traditional political rule and democratic processes are now in swift transition wave of post 1990 democracy denoted as


20. The democracy in Pakistan was formally role backed when in 1958 with imposition of:


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