English Literature – Quiz 6

1. In the nineteenth century Transcendental Club brought Transcendentalism to:


2. In the novel Twilight in Delhi by Ahmed Ali, the character Shah Maqbool is a __________________ by profession.


3. In the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, The Conch symbolizes:


4. In which Poem of Maya Angelou, put more light on the work of women?


5. Iron Age roughly spans from __________________.


6. Jane Austen novels belong to:


7. Jerome K Jerome is famous for _________ in his short stories


8. John Dryden was a famous literary playwright and critic of:


9. John Milton was born in:


10. John Miltons Paradise Lost was published in:


11. John Ruskin belonged to ______________ era.


12. John Ruskin started his career as a/an ___________________ critic.


13. Jonathan Swift is known for _________ in Gullivers Travels


14. Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding is an example of what kind of novel?


15. Keats died at the age of


16. Kubla Khan and The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner were written in which age?


17. La Belle Dame Sans Merci, the title of Keats Poem means


18. Letter concerning the English Nation is a work, written by


19. Literary Criticism is the study, _________ and interpretation of literature.


20. Literary epics were a deliberate imitation of:


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