English Literature – Quiz 10

1. The English name for novel came from:


2. The examination and analysis of the meter of a piece of verse is called:


3. The Fairie Queene is Written by


4. The famous novel Robinson Crusoe was authored by:


5. The famous novelist of all times, Jane Austen, was born in:


6. The famous phrase Dissociation of Sensibility is associated with:


7. The famous prose work Utopia was written by:


8. The fictional work which is deliberately constructed in a negative fashion by violating the traditional norms is called:


9. The first important and successful play of ____________________ was Every Man in his Humour.


10. The first Poem, Beowulf, in English literature was in the form of:


11. The following are key critical work on post colonialism except:


12. The founder of existentialism soren Kierkegaard was:


13. The French writer, Derrida, who claims that there is nothing outside the text, is the founder of which of the following literary theories?


14. The genre of Romantic poetry flourished in the


15. The lines: Is this a holy thing to see; in a rich and fruitful land/Babes reduced to misery are from the Poem:


16. The literary movement of Deconstruction began in:


17. The Lost of the Mohican was written by:


18. The Lyrical Ballads were first published in


19. The movement of Expressionism originated in Germany:


20. The name of the novel, that was left unfinished by Charles Dickens, is


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