English Literature – Quiz 8

1. Philip Sydneys love sonnets Astrophel and Stella were published in


2. Picaresque Novels were predominantly written during:


3. Post colonial studies focus largely on the misrepresentation of:


4. Postcolonial literature:


5. Postmodern is sometimes used interchangeably with:


6. Poststructuralism has its foundations on:


7. Raymond Williams, an illustrious critic, was a ______________.


8. Recently, Hanif Kureishi, a famous writer was included in the top 50 British writers since 1945 by:


9. Riders to the Sea is a famous play by


10. Robert Frost won which of the following awards for his poetry


11. Romeo and Juliet is based on the story written by an Italian Author, whose name is


12. Rudyard Kipling, short story writer, was born in:


13. Samuel Becketts famous play Waiting for Godot is an example of


14. Samuel Johnsons biography was written by:


15. Satyr Plays used to be an acute form of:


16. School of Abuse was written by:


17. Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Emma have which of the following thing in common:


18. Shakespeare is to indebted one of the following playwrights for his character Shylock in The Merchant of Venice


19. Shakespearean tragedy was written by:


20. Simulacra and Simulation is a work of criticism by


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