English Literature – Quiz 9

1. Sir Francis Bacon was born in


2. Social Theory of Textual Criticism attributes the textual authority to all EXCEPT:


3. Stones of Venice was written by:


4. Stridentism was an artistic and literary movement which was launched in New Mexico at the end of:


5. Surrealism started from France in the ______________.


6. T.A Taine , a French critic is the proponent of


7. T.S Eliots notion relating to Objective Correlative relates to:


8. Tamburlaine the Great was written by:


9. Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller won real acclaim after:


10. The Heroic Couplet was used by Alexander Pope in


11. The 18th century is also known as the


12. The antonym of Utopia is:


13. The Anxiety of Influence is coined and popularized predominantly worked upon by:


14. The authorized version of Bible came out in the reign of:


15. The cavalier poets supported ______________.


16. The codex is a literary term which means:


17. The collection of short stories, Love among the Haystacks was written by:


18. The concept of Bourgeoisie and Proletarian are key concepts of which literary movement?


19. The dramas drawing their plot from a story of Bible is called:


20. The Elizabethan Age is also known as the


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