English Intermediate Level – Quiz 1

1. My name is Ozymandias king of kings:Look on my works ye Mighty and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decayOf that colossal wreck. The above lines are highly _______________.


2. A time to get And a time to lose A time to keep And a time to cast away Which figure of speech is used in the above verses?


3. And now fifteen years after that he could look upon it all with a deep and sumptuous tranquility. He was not ill of course – only a little tired at times Sumptuous tranquility can be best described as:


4. At this time far away in Eastern Anatolia one Kiyazim Karabekar with some undefeated remnants of the Ottoman Army began to obstruct the Allied control officers refusing to disband his men. Week by week little encounters increased it was apparent that the Turks wee steadily growing bolder. This caused consternation not only among Allies but in Istanbul itself. The paragraph best describes:


5. China is now the fashion around the world and in no uncertain terms. Everywhere politicians of the most conservative and BOURGEOIS kind are attempting to rebuild for themselves a compromised career by singing the praises of Mao Tse-Tung. What does the underlined word nearly mean?


6. Empty of CONCORD is the soul of Europe Whose civilization to no Makkah bends What is NOT the meaning of underlined word?


7. Every week-end some of them MOTORED UP to Brookfield and called at his house. Sometimes they tired him if too many came at once but he did not really mind he could always rest and sleep afterwards. What does the underlined word nearly signify?


8. Half sunk shattered visage lies shoes FROWN And wrinkled lip and sneer of old command Tell that its sculptor well those passions tread What of the following is NOT the meaning of the underlined word?


9. He continues quick and dull in his clear images I continue slow and sharp in my broken images.He in a new confusion of his understanding I in a new understanding of my confusion.Which of the following is NOT the theme of the above lines?


10. He treaded the bazaars of EgyptJust to be sold for a slaveSachu speaks the bare Truth To speak of His sojourn on earth.What does the phrase His sojourn on earth refers to?


11. No time to turn at Beautys glance And watch her feet how they can danceWhich literary device is used in the above lines?


12. Turkish patriotism was no longer vague and undecided it was a flame burning in the hearts of men and women of all classes – a flame of indignation not of hatred. The word INDIGNATION can best be paraphrased as:


13. His (Louis Pasteur) father as a young man had been one of Napoleons _______________ and had won the Cross of the Legion of Honour on the field of battle for valour and fidelity.


14. The royal revenue amounted to 6 245 000 dinars a third of which _______ for the army and a third for public works.


15. To his (Abdul Rehman) villa he brought water and introduced EXOTIC plants such as peaches and pomegranates. What does the underlined word mean?


16. When I go into a bank I get RATTLED The clerks rattle me the wickets rattle me everything rattles me. What does the underlined word mean in the context of the sentence?


17. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling DISCORDS of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. Which of the following word is OPPOSITE to the underlined word?


18. You need not to worry about the mistake you made nobody _______________.


19. Who is known as the Ezra Pound of Pakistan


20. Thomas De Quincy, a famous critic, was born in:


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