English Literature – Quiz 5

1. With his wonderful gift of eye and ear __________ has the gift of the story-teller.


2. ________ is an overly arrogance.


3. _______________ is an interesting literary device wherein the author penning the story, Poem or prose steps away from the text and speaks out to the reader.


4. All her power is dramatic power; she loses her hold on us directly she ceases to speak through persona; she is then like a great actor of the stage. It is true about:


5. Canzone is an Italian term used for a ________________ :


6. Death of a Naturalist was the first volume of Poems of:


7. Diatribe is a form of:


8. Essay of Dramatic Poesy was written by:


9. Howl is a Poem written by:


10. Magic Ball is the first collection of short stories of:


11. Poetical Sketches was the first volume of Poems by:


12. Rappaccinis Daughter, a short story, was written by:


13. So much depends UponA red wheel BarrowGlazed with rainWaterThe above Poem is an example of which of the following poetic form?


14. Stream of Consciousness is a technique introduced by


15. The Book of the Duchess is a narrative Poem written by:


16. The less deceived is a collection of Poem by:


17. The New Atlantis is a prose work of:


18. The Rape of the Lock was published in 1712 and revised in _____________.


19. The Woman who had Imagination, has THREE elements in it, which ONE element is NOT combined by H.E. bates in this story?


20. Twilight in Delhi novel was first published by:


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