English Literature – Quiz 7

1. Literary Historians mark the start of modernist revolt as far back as:


2. Logocentrism is a term central to which literary theory?


3. Man and Superman was published in


4. Margaret Atwood, is famous for dystopian fiction. She belongs to


5. Marxism by Karl Marx is a Literary Theory based on:


6. Melpomene, the ancient Greek Muse, was associated with:


7. Michael Foucault, a famous practitioner of Structuralism was a


8. Milton belongs to which age?


9. Mir Nihal is a character in the novel:


10. Morality Plays depicted


11. Most of the cavalier poets were also called:


12. Negative capability associated with:


13. Negative Capability is an idea first stated by


14. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o belongs to


15. Oedipus Rex is also known as


16. On the sublime was written by:


17. Orientalism was written by:


18. Oxford Movement is also called ___________________ Movement:


19. P.B Shelley was born in 1792, what does P.B stands for?


20. Past and Present was written by:


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