English B.A Level – Quiz 1

1. ________ are used to enhance the meaning of the verb in the sentence.


2. And there is a barrel that I didnt fillBeside it, and there may be two or three Apples I didnt pick upon some bough.The barrel symbolizes:


3. By long erosion of the green tideOf grass creeping perpetually nearerThis last outpost of time past. What does the writer mean by saying outpost of time past?


4. For to the right of the good guest, we DESCRY the parasite, far to the left, the churl again. Not the same churl perhaps. What does the underlined word mean?


5. Choose the correct sentence:


6. Complete the line from the Twins: What would you do if you were ___________?


7. Complete the line from Poem Water is a Lovely Thing: In a rain drop ______


8. Complete the line from Poem Water is a Lovely Thing:In a rainbow far unfurled, every color in the ___________.


9. Dark round drop is used as a metaphor for,


10. How does the poet describe motionlessness in Poem on the ocean?


11. In Poem the rain Rain is the symbol of:


12. In the Poem Peace Wind symbolizes ________


13. The poet has used the image of rain drops to depict________________:


14. Through which words, the poet has personified Wind in Peace?


15. Twins _____________ puzzled the kith and kin.


16. What does Sunshine symbolize in Poem The Rain?


17. What does the Poem want from Almighty in the Poem Prayer?


18. What is implied by a lovely sight in The Rain ?


19. Which statement is the most appropriate about the Poem, The Rain?


20. Who is You in the Poem Prayer?


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