English Literature – Quiz 4

1. Willing suspension of Disbelief was coined by:


2. A loose term for the Augustan Age is known as:


3. A major element in the postcolonial agenda is:


4. A Passage to India is written by


5. A reference to historical fact, figure or incident is called


6. A sequence of repeated consonantal sounds in a stretch of Linguistic is called:


7. A short story differs from a novel in:


8. A short story may bring out all of the following EXCEPT:


9. A Tale of a Tub by Swift is a satire on


10. A variant of Historical novel in contemporary times is called:


11. A witty swift reply, often mildly insulting is called:


12. According to Abidurehman Hussain, _________________ was the book which provided foundational to Edward Saids entire career.


13. Age of Sensibility is also called:


14. Aldous Huxley died in


15. All are true about a short story EXCEPT:


16. All are true for prose EXCEPT:


17. All of the below statements are true for Graveyard poets EXCEPT:


18. All of the following are true about Gullivers Travels EXCEPT:


19. All of the following is true for short stories EXCEPT:


20. All of the following texts can help to understand the postcolonialism EXCEPT:


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