English Literature – Quiz 3

1. Heart of Darkness was written by Joseph Conrad in:


2. Henrik Ibsen is known as


3. Henry Fielding was an _______________ novelist.


4. Henry Fielding, British novelist, was born in:


5. Henry Mackenzie, a famous novelist, was a/an __________________:


6. History of Henry VII was written by:


7. How many plays did Shakespeare write?


8. Hudibras is a great poetic satire in English written by:


9. Imagism was self-conscious movement in poetry in England and ______________:


10. In Othelo, what symbolizes Green-Eyed-Monster?


11. In The Doll House, From Whom Nora borrows money to save her husbands life?


12. In a drama, the characters are represented by:


13. In Chaucers time which institution was dominant


14. In Glass Menagerie, Laura used to consider ____________ as the bad.


15. In Macbeth, which character found the dead body of Duncan?


16. In novel, The Old man and the Sea, How many days Santiago spent to catch a fish?


17. In Poetics, Aristotle defined poetry as:


18. In poetry, meter refers to:


19. In poetry. iambic consists of:


20. In The happy Prince, to whom the Ruby was given to by Swallow?


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