English Literature – Quiz 2

1. An ideal but nonexistent political and social way of life is referred to as:


2. Anglo Saxon Period of England ranges from:


3. Anton Chekhov, short story writer was _____________ by profession.


4. Antonio and Portia are two famous characters in the play:


5. Apart from The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer is the writer of


6. Apothegm is an alternate word for:


7. Aristotle and Plato are important in the field of literary criticism because:


8. Art for Arts sake was the catch phrase of:


9. Arthur Millers play, Death of a Salesman, talks about:


10. Bertrand Russell received the Noble Prize in the year


11. Bertrand Russell, a famous English prose writer lead a revolt against


12. Charles Dickens belonged to ________________ literary movement.


13. Chaucers Monk in The Canterbury Tales is famous for


14. Chekov was a _________ playwright


15. Coetzees Foe has traces of which famous novel?


16. Crown of the wild olive was written by:


17. Culture and Anarchy is written by


18. In the nineteenth century Transcendental Club brought Transcendentalism to:


19. D. H Lawrence was born in:


20. Defoe, Swift and Pope belong to ______________________ Age.


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