English Literature – Quiz 1

1. Derrida propose deconstruction:


2. Dialogic Criticism is modeled on the critical procedures of a critic known as:


3. Diaspora in postcolonial studies means


4. Dr. Johnsons first English Dictionary was published in


5. Drawing Room play:


6. Edward Said, a renowned critic, was born in:


7. Elizabethan drama flourished during which movement


8. Emily Bronte wrote just one novel in her life, which is named


9. Epigram in prose is:


10. Epyllion is a literary term which means:


11. Ernest Hemingway belonged to ______________ literary movement.


12. Essays of Ellia is a collection of essays composed by


13. Famous novelist and short story writer Ernest Hemingway liked:


14. Francis Bacon was born in:


15. Geoffrey Chaucer was born in _______________ and died in 1400.


16. George Orwells Animal Farm is a


17. George Peele began his career as ________________:


18. George Peele, Thomas Nash, Robert Greene, Thomas Kyd and Christopher Marlowe were________ of their time


19. Hamlets beloveds name is


20. He spoke of times past and future, and dreamt of things to be.The above line is an example of:


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