English Linguistic – Quiz 5

1. What is the basic requirement for being a reader of newspaper?


2. What is the purpose of applying an antibiotic cream or ointment?


3. What led the seven boys back home in Clever Mirchu?


4. What lesson do you learn from the story of Faithfulness ?


5. What metaphor the author has used for life in Little by Little One Walks Far ?


6. What should NOT be the outcome of reading books?


7. What was the period during which Pakistan recorded extraordinary conquests in the field of Hockey?


8. When did the very first telephonic conversation take place?


9. Where does Hazrat Umar (RA) lie buried?


10. Which cannot be the sign of infection?


11. Which field does not require any particular line of study?


12. Which metaphor has been used for books?


13. Which of the following is NOT taught through sports in Hockey?


14. Which quality does NOT develop as the outcome of providing someone with first aid,


15. Which Son/sons caused the utmost anxiety for the parents?


16. Which way of getting news according to the author is the ideal one?


17. Who defined Postmodernism incredulity towards meta-narratives?


18. Who was Abuzar Ghaffari in Faithfulness?


19. Why didnt Saleem speak in An Exhibition?


20. Why people were worried in Faithfulness?


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