English Linguistic – Quiz 4

1. The price of trip and meal is included __________ the cost of the holiday.


2. The purpose behind the invention of T.V was:


3. The real phone sends sound waves as __________ waves


4. The theme of the Poem Try Again is:


5. The title of the novel, Things Fall Apart has been taken from a Poem Second Coming written by:


6. What did the Holy Prophet say in his last address?


7. What did the students do after seeing magic tricks?


8. What do you infer from the word accommodate in A Great Virtue.


9. What does the poet imply about life?


10. What has Qasim decided to do if he get good position in exam in A Dialogue?


11. What has the poet tried to convey in the last stanza?


12. What helped Pip get a lot of money at the beginning in Great Expectations?


13. What idea has proved to be wrong with time?


14. What impressed the accusers that they forgave the villager in Faithfulness ?


15. What is no disgrace according to the poet?


16. What is NOT an outcome of co-curricular activities in Little by Little One Walks Far?


17. What is NOT the advantage of being a reader of newspaper?


18. What is NOT the objective of a Career Counseling Department?


19. What is NOT tolerance?


20. What is required before wining and after losing?


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