English Linguistic – Quiz 3

1. Most of the Chinese traditions depict,


2. Newspaper is better than T.V News in one way that is:


3. Now a days, the alarming growth of population is the problem of ______


4. People are of the view that this year City _______________ the Cup.


5. Prefix and suffix are type of _______________.


6. Prophet (PBUH) taught people to be Just by


7. Reading literature _________


8. She can try asking Maria for help but it _______________ her any good.


9. The aspect of life of a country that causes almost all sorts of problems is:


10. The difference between phonetics and phonology is that former is ________ and latter is ____________.


11. The emergence of non-traditional careers is due to


12. The emergency door was concealed __________ a red curtain.


13. The famous exhibition hall was thronged _______________ people.


14. The first prerequisite of providing first aid is:


15. The lesson of the Poem Peace is that ___________


16. The lesson we learn from Great expectations is:


17. The main objective of First aid is:


18. The minimal unit of analysis in morphology is _______________.


19. The minimal unit of analysis in Phonetics is _______________.


20. The most important thing while choosing a career is knowing _______


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