English Linguistic – Quiz 2

1. Generally which aspect is given importance while choosing a career?


2. Great Expectations is a story from ________________


3. Hazrat Umar (RA) was the __________ Caliph of Islam.


4. He doesn’t feel like visiting his friends this year so he_______________.


5. Winning a race is symbolizing …………….


6. How could Pip become a better person in Great Expectations ?


7. How did Pip help the prisoner in Great Expectations?


8. How did the audience respond to the decision of the accusers in Faithfulness?


9. How will Qasim cover the deficiency in A Dialogue?


10. I am sorry lunch is not ready yet, but it _______________ in a minute.


11. I can lend this camera to you, I _______________ it.


12. If someone gets a wound, how to start cleaning it?


13. Importance of which aspect of life has been highlighted in Great Expectations?


14. In Little by Little One Walks Far by moons and stars, what is the author trying to depict?


15. In Little by Little One Walks Far, the first job of the writer was:


16. In Population Growth and Food Supplies Currently, the major cause of food shortage is,


17. In lesson Faithfulness, Halt refers to _______


18. In the Poem Peace, Which is NOT an image of destruction?


19. It is of no use calling Sara at the office, she _______________.


20. Majority of victims of road accidents are people below ______ years of age.


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