World General Knowledge (Human Geography) – Quiz 3

1. In the production of Jute which of the following stands at top?


2. Indonesia is the largest producer of?


3. Jomo Kenyatta International airport is located at?


4. Kodarma District in India is located in _____________ state.


5. Land of morning calm is


6. Leiper Tourism System is made up of how many components


7. Loges city is located in


8. Measles remains one of the five leading causes of death ____________________?


9. Nirunkot is the old name of which city?


10. Pakistan is self-sufficient in _____________.


11. Pakistans oil Production and Consumption per day respectively is about ________________________.


12. Per capita in Pakistan in 2004-05 is ________________.


13. Polio is a disease that is spread through human _______________?


14. Recent archaeological studies suggest the theory that


15. Recreation is engaged upon during _______________.


16. Religious ideology remains ______________ force of fertility.


17. Rubber is a crop of __________________.


18. Sadza is a food item made from?


19. San Juan is the part of?


20. Saudi Arabias oil resources are about ______________.


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