World General Knowledge (Human Geography) – Quiz 4

1. Seres is the old name of?


2. Tashkent a one of biggest market of _________________.


3. The ______________ is an independent political unit recognized boundaries although same of these boundaries may be in dispute.


4. The 2005 Indian Ocean tsunami creates which type of tourism demand


5. The continent most deficient in fishing industry _____________.


6. The development of ancient civilizations in Egypt Mesopotamia India and China indicates the importance of


7. The earliest occupation of man ________________.


8. The first biometric censes launched the India in __________.


9. The geographic isolation of a people frequently reinforces


10. The global code of ethics for tourism was drawn up by __________________________.


11. The largest Islamic country by area is


12. The largest producer of dry beans & pulses is?


13. The largest producer of natural gas in the world.


14. The largest producer of Sugar Cane in the following countries is _____________.


15. The majority of international tourism is generated by countries of which of economic development ______________________.


16. The most useful discriminator of income to participate in tourism is


17. The reacquisition by colonized people of control over their own territory is known as _________________.


18. The smallest Islamic country is ______________.


19. The term Latin America most accurately refers to the _____________________________________.


20. The world highly populated continent is __________.


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