World General Knowledge (Physical Geography) – Quiz 5

1. Omaha is the largest city of which following state?


2. On the west of Tunisia is:


3. Puno region in Peru is located at?


4. Sava river is the right bank tributary of?


5. Sicily is the part of?


6. Speleology is the study of:


7. Star like objects at the edge of the universe are known as:


8. Syr Darya and the Zeravshan are important rivers of ?


9. Syrian Civilization formedaround?


10. Syrian Desert is located?


11. The _____________ is the largest ocean in the world.


12. The _______________ is the atmospheric zone in which we live.


13. The _______________ Ocean is the much smaller.


14. The area of Indian Ocean is _____________ sq. miles.


15. The area of world largest Pacific Ocean is ______________ sq. miles.


16. The atmosphere is a ______________ layer that surrounds the earth.


17. The Central and Till Plains cover which part in the state Ohio?


18. The climatic condition of Guinea is?


19. The Crown is the name of mountain located in which state?


20. Zambia is the main exporter of:


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