World General Knowledge (Physical Geography) – Quiz 4

1. Lincoln is the Capital of?


2. Lolo Volcano is located at?


3. Lupo-Lapu is the cityof?


4. Luzon island is part of ?


5. Malaspina glacier is located in ______________:


6. Marble is the type of _____________ rock.


7. Marine sediments that ______________________ are called Pelagic Sediments?


8. Masjid-e-Suleman is a famous ______________ in Iran.


9. Mauna Loa is an example of?


10. Mauritania is divided into how many ecological zones?


11. Mesozoic Era began from?


12. Mouna Lao is located in _____________:


13. Mount Etna is located in ____________:


14. Mount Olympus is the located in?


15. Mount Shasta & Mount Fugi are the an example of?


16. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest point located in?


17. Mt. Kilimanjaro isthe highest point located in?


18. New Mexico is located to the east from:


19. Niamey city islocated at?


20. Nile river shared how many countries?


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