World General Knowledge (Physical Geography) – Quiz 6

1. The Crown is the name of mountain located in which state?


2. The force extents by a vertical column of air over a given area of the surface, is called _______________.


3. The hottest place in Pakistan is?


4. The interior of the Earth is hot. The main source of that heat is ________________________?


5. The level, below which a stream cannot erode its bed, is called its ___________________.


6. The location of Namib desert is in _______________.


7. The Novaya Zemlya Glacier is located in?


8. The number of major mountain ranges in Mangolia is _______:


9. The ozone layer is extends to between _____________ above the earth.


10. The sliding or rolling of particles along the riverbed is called _____________.


11. The source of Salween River is?


12. The stat of Colorado is located towards the ____________ of Neraske:


13. The stream deposit material is called _____________.


14. The thin oceanic crust is primarily consist of ____________ rocks?


15. Thermal conductivity of soil depends on ____________________?


16. Togo is located to the ________ Ghana:


17. Transpiration by plan leads to evaporation from leaves through ___________?


18. Tugela water fall is located at:


19. USA state Arizona is located in the:


20. Varanasi city in Indiais located on?


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