World General Knowledge (Physical Geography) – Quiz 2

1. By Volume which ofthe following is the 2nd largest lake?


2. Changes in topography such as uplift of mountain belts and plateau can influence regional climate. Mark the suitable of such change out of given options?


3. Congo is the largestproducer of?


4. Decrease in temperature with altitude in troposphere is called lapse rate. It is not constant but varies with latitudes from equator to poles. Minimum lapse rate is observed ________________?


5. Foehns are winds blow on:


6. From Arizona which ofthe following state is located in North?


7. Geomorphologists often distinguish between sediment transports, if it is solution transport it is termed as ___________________?


8. Glasgow is located on the bank of?


9. Gobi Desert is located in the ________ Mangolia:


10. Haidari, Himachal and Siwaliks are the divisions of:


11. Hainan is a province of:


12. Hanna, Namal and Rama lake are the part of?


13. he Central and TillPlains cover which part in the state Ohio?


14. Hotspot volcanoes are found on which of the following island?


15. How many countries considered in Balkan region?


16. How many geographic region division of Guinea?


17. How many tributariesof Nile River?


18. How much are of Mali geographical covered by Desert?


19. Hydrogenous sediments are minerals that have precipitated directly from sea water. Which of the following example is of Hydrogenous Sediments?


20. If a soil or rock becomes saturated with stagnated water, it becomes Oxygen deficit and with the aid of anaerobic bacteria _______________ occurs.


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