World General Knowledge (Physical Geography) – Quiz 3

1. In 1935 Quetta earthquake occured due to?


2. In atmosphere, there are two constant of gases are nitrogen and oxygen, which make up ___________ of the air.


3. In geomorphic internal processes involves plate tectonics, volcanism and _____________.


4. In Ocean basin relief _______________ is very gently sloping, relatively shallow, submerged plain at the edge of the continent.


5. In Pakistan which of the following phenomena occurs during winter months?


6. In Physical geography Tundra is the type of:


7. In the atmosphere, if the temperature is low then the pressure is ______________.


8. In the fluvial processes continues rills begin to coalesce into fewer and large channels, called _______________.


9. In the winter and spring at high latitude, the temperature actually increases with height. The phenomenon is known as _______________________?


10. In which year Bulgaria and Romania become a member state of European Union?


11. Indicate the following in Romania? Tulcea, Galati and Drobeta


12. Indicate; which of the following is the oceanic lake?


13. Jabal-e-Druze isvolcanic region located in?


14. Karts Topography is a three dimensional landscape shaped by the dissolution of underlying bedrock of ______________________?


15. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain of ____________:


16. Kuroshio is a:


17. Lake Eyre is theoutflow of?


18. Lake Kariba is located is _______________:


19. Lake Tanganyika in Africa is divided into how many countries?


20. Layered structured of the atmosphere is by its composition, such as _____________ and heterosphere.


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