World General Knowledge (Human Geography) – Quiz 2

1. Demographic transition theory provides pattern of __________ decline?


2. Domestic tourism embraces those travelling _______________.


3. Early civilizations developed mainly in _________________.


4. Finland is also known as?


5. Fish River is located in which of the following state?


6. Following Airports are located in South Africa EXCEPT?


7. How many political boundaries touch the Guinea?


8. In 2013 Russia was the top producing country of?


9. In Africa an effect of topography and climate has been to ___________________________________.


10. In Africa South Asia and Latin America people have moved from rural villages to urban areas to


11. In Asia which of the following country is the 2nd largest producer of Iron Ore?


12. In Augus 191 the Germans disrespected the neutrality of _____________ and invaded her?


13. In China regional differences in food crops types of homes and clothing are most likely the result of _______________.


14. In early 2015 the massacre of Muslims was done by Buddhists in __________?


15. In former times Thailand was known as


16. In Mackinders heartland theory which of the following areas was called as pivot area?


17. In many Latin American nations reliance on the production of a single cash crop has led to


18. In Pakistan Iron Ore reserves have been found in


19. In South America which of the following is the largest producer of Bauxite


20. In the _______________________ a representation of the population based on its composition according to age and sex.


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